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    "The matter is definitely not over yet, but I and the three young masters all have the same shortcomings, they can't get close, we can't get close to them either, the two sides have very little communication. There are not many opportunities to struggle." , it depends on luck."

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    So Goto Nakawa and Chang Yuqing went to the general department of Huazhong Gendarmerie Headquarters to take out their documents, and the general department immediately sent a message to Mori Kentaro, and Mori Kentaro came up with Such a bad idea.

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    "If Xu Dueyang does not reveal the secret, I will temporarily reduce my actions against him and choose long-term operations. To monitor his behavior, I think I should arrange lines inside around him. Driven by self-interest, not many people can resist."

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    "Although the military ministry ultimately supported my proposal, there were also different voices inside. Xu Ruiyang is a recipient of two Medals of Honor. Haichang Trading Company smuggled assets strategic data for the military ministry. Not only is the quantity constantly increasing, but it has never made any mistakes, and the military does not want this stable smuggling channel to be affected in any way, but How about you, is this how you repay my trust in you?"

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    Brother, there aren't many people who dare to laugh at you these days, and no one thinks there's anything wrong with me coming to welcome you. Thinking back to how arrogant and arrogant Thuong Vu Thanh of the An Khanh General Assembly was, who did he rely on? support from the Japanese, claiming to be the general leader of the gangs in China and the lord of water traffic!"

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    In Wan Lilang's mind, before Xu Ruiyang joined the Wang Puppet Government, he was not a member of the Shancheng Government, let alone a traitor from the Military Unification Bureau or the Central Unification Bureau. naughty. to your door.

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    No, the area of the city is too large, the military can't manage too many places, wanting to investigate and find people, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack, this is a bad idea. I will have the photos developed and send someone In a mountainous city, it is much easier to find people based on the map, and in a short time, this group of people will not be able to make a fortune. Hua Due Duong shook his head and said.

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    “Actually, Mr. Tu's life has not been easy these past few years. Because of the imperialist war in China, he has worked tirelessly to smuggle strategic documents, but unexpectedly there are many people who don't understand this. . Da Cai is jealous of the assets of the Haichang Trading Company, and some people say that he is too closely connected to the area controlled by the KMT, so he may have other intentions." Omu Shige said calmly.

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    Even though she had received similar training from the secret service, even though she had been in places like brothels for seven or eight years, and even though she had been mentally prepared for this incident, when it happened, she still suffered great psychological trauma. and spies also have human feelings, after all she is still a woman!

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    Because as time passed, Sirius' existence was no longer a secret, and many people learned about this powerful hidden agent.

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    "Tuyet Dong, today I made the boss unhappy. You have to find a way to help me. Be nice to me!" Qin Shizhao spoke softly to Chen Xuetong.

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    "Goto Zhonghe is an idiot. I doubt how he is the head of the intelligence department. He has no technical content at all. He trapped and harmed him, tortured him him, and finally killed him. The key is that he didn't have any evidence in his hand. Pure The frame is really too clumsy.

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    This kind of cruel torture tool will not cause obvious damage to the surface of the human body, but the pain it brings is indescribable. When Jiang Bingcheng participated in the training, he also tried the taste of electric ball torture.

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    Xu Ruiyang is really willing to spend money, this time he brought Zhongxiang Shengxiao 20,000 US dollars and 20 small yellow croissants, there was also a box of cigars, a kilo of premium Longjing tea and three boxes of wine red. shocked.

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    After returning from the teacher's house, Xu Ruiyang drove to Jinling with gifts such as "consolation money" for the Spring Festival, cigarettes and alcohol... Headquarters sent ten boxes of cigarettes issued by the Factory Shanghai cigarettes produced.

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    It turns out to be such an inside story! I thought she was the one who seduced Renji Kawaguchi, but unexpectedly, it was the most despicable possession of force.

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    "That may not necessarily be the case. If I give you a chance to live, are you willing to maintain this kind of cooperation? Although Renji Kawaguchi will die, Jiro Nishida is not easy to be calculated to death We still have more opportunities for cooperation Xu Ruiyang said with a slight smile.

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    "The consideration of the head of the agency is also correct. Although the Clearance Committee says it is responsible for clearing the entire central region of China, in reality it is only in charge of Jiangsu province. Shang city government Hai is responsible for the clearance of the townships. The township is in charge of the Zhejiang provincial government, and the township clearance committee has not performed its role properly." Xu Ruiyang said.

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    Japanese lieutenant generals participating in the ceremony included three from the military, including Shimomura Sada, Oki Shigeru and Nagatsu Sahide. The Japanese Navy's China Fleet Command sent Lieutenant General Teruhisa Komatsu, commander of the Fleet first Chinese team, as commander. a representative. , adding to the squad four lieutenant generals.

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    If there is a departmental accountant, then the reimbursement can be opened, there is no need to resort to deception, in fact the reimbursement is enough, in this way, the financial pressure on Tu Due Duong can also be reduced greatly, and at the same time financial subsidies to various departments can be reduced.

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    Every month only 2,000 yuan of stock certificates are used as operating funds. Don't you know that the current price of rice in the Shanghai Stock Exchange has reached 1,000 yuan of stock certificates per stone? For two stone rice money, for my mother to give you this so-called Tay Dien class to work hard for you, what a dream!

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    "You may feel upset. Inoue Hizaki is in Pengcheng, Chang Yuqing and Su Chengde are in Jinling, and they are not under the supervision of the Secret Service Department of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. However, since When the Military Department was established in Shanghai, the Secret Service Department did not heighten vigilance and strengthen the supervision of the Intelligence Department and Supervision Department. You are becoming complacent and complacent, becoming paralyzed and less vigilant. sense, this is a very bad phenomenon.”

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    Business people still like to go to the main road, people who go shopping also naturally go to the main road, store rental prices are not cheap.

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    This type of black death is usually caused by flea and rat infestation. There is no shortage of such things in gendarmerie prisons. Although current medical methods can cure Moyad, such a condition is unlikely. The hospital diagnosed it as acute pneumonia caused by a virus. Black death, and no one can save him." Shisan Okamura said.

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    "Thanh Lam, are you still the deputy head of human resources? I will talk to General Shibuya and promote you. Regarding the meeting, tomorrow afternoon, please bring your fiancee to my house and have dinner together." speak.

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    "Please send an order from the Hangzhou Secret Service to the Secret Service Headquarters, asking me to cooperate with the intelligence collection work of the Hangzhou Secret Service, so that Li Shiqun does not care, and allow me to mobilize all resources to carry out the operation. I will first investigate the background of these smugglers, analyze the relationship with the Military Control Department, then conduct further inspection and investigation. Check each person one by one." Wan Lilang thought for a moment and then said.