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    Not to mention the surprise of the people in the lobby, but Zhang Ning went up the stairs with the female employee to the second floor. It should not be an illusion. Zhang Ning felt that the female store assistant in front seemed to be deliberately shaking her round buttocks. Truong Ninh is very calm. Climbing up to the second floor, the female store employee stood still, seeing Truong Ninh's calm eyes and unchanged expression. Sighing softly in my heart, I thought to myself. "Using beauty to seduce is really too low. Furthermore, being able to take out a gold medal from Thien Bao Pavilion must be huge. How can someone like that have never met a woman before?" Female store employee withdrawing her Thinking little, he bent down and said: "Please, guests." The second floor is also very large, but there are no cluttered stalls. That's the lobby layout, but in the lobby there are only two chairs, separated by a tea table. The female secretary invited Truong Ninh to sit in the chair on the left, then took out the spirit tea from the Can Khon bag, brewed the tea with magic on the spot, and placed the tea cup on the coffee table. "This is the best spirit tea in Raksha Haiti Treasure Pavilion. Please taste it." The female employee's uniform has wide sleeves, her right hand makes an inviting gesture, her left hand pulls the sleeve, speaking very softly. Truong Ninh nodded, picked up the tea cup, took a sip, then put it down and said: "Good tea." The female employee looked happy and was about to speak when she heard footsteps. The monk's footsteps were very light. With such heavy footsteps, it could naturally be said that someone was coming. The female salesperson stood next to Truong Ninh, her face solemn. Not long after, a young man came. This young man is very handsome, slim and noble. Or the air of wealth and honor. Because he carried a lot of jewels on his body, these jewels radiated precious light, obviously not ordinary objects. Zhang Ning couldn't help but think when he saw it, "Are all the people in Tianbao Pavilion behaving like nouveau riche people? When I saw Zhang Chunnian that day, he looked like this." This young man is the deacon of Tianbao Pavilion here, named Liu Dingshan, the cultivation base of the newly born Soul Realm. His cultivation talent isn't outstanding, but it's not bad either. So so. But Tianbao Pavilion treats its subordinates very well, and there is no shortage of all kinds of resources. He has been sitting here for more than a hundred years. As long as he completes five months of official duties, he can go to the big world or become the master of the world. And being a deacon of Tianbao Pavilion is actually a very comfortable and easy job. Because there are very few people in heaven who want to cause trouble for Tianbao Pavilion, or almost none. Liu Dingshan nominally sits here, but in reality he is practicing here. During these more than a hundred years, Liu Dingshan has not encountered any major incidents. until today. Actually not today. You must know that Zhang Chunnian is one of the core children of the new generation of Tianbao Pavilion. He has the right to award the gold medal to Tianbao Pavilion, but only once. As for the rules of Tianbao Pavilion, when Zhang Chunnian awarded the gold medal of Tianbao Pavilion, Tianbao Pavilion was in the main pavilion of the main world and conveyed this message to the heavens. Of course, Tianbao Pavilion has a special method to verify the gold medal of Tianbao Pavilion, and this cannot be faked. The information conveyed was mainly about Zhang Ning's appearance, and the fact that Zhang Ning was probably active in Fengyue World. At that time, Liu Dinh Son was extremely shocked. He had a premonition that he could personally receive this distinguished guest. And now, the omen has come true. The Thien Bao Pavilion's order is very important. Although the sky is high, the Thien Bao Pavilion's gold medal is absolutely rare. What is the origin of this new generation in the spirit embryo realm? Liu Dinh Son looked at Truong Ninh without hesitation, only feeling that he was young and had an outstanding temperament. Other than this, there was nothing unusual. Immediately, Liu Dingshan looked back at the black magic knife on Zhang Ning's belt. He knew that this knife was extremely powerful and contained terrifying power. He was very curious about Zhang Ning's origin, but he wouldn't ask about it, because Tianbao Pavilion was very good. And he believes that as Zhang Ning gradually matures, Zhang Ning's origin will also be revealed. When a person comes to the main world, under the supervision of fairies, Buddhas and demons, he can rarely hide his secrets. What he had to do now was entertain Zhang Ning and make Zhang Ning feel at home. Liu Dingshan first raised his head to look at the female secretary, the female employee sighed, could not help but turn to Zhang Ning, Liu Dingshan was blessed and regretfully left. Such a big yellow thigh, I'm afraid I won't be able to climb it. "Mr. Zhang, I am the deacon of this store, Liu Dingshan." Liu Dinh Son first clasped his hands, then sat down and asked: "Even though no one dares to impersonate my Thien Bao Cac token, just be a little careful." , can you let me check the gold medal? " "Why not? " Zhang Ning took the gold medal from Wanbaofan and gave it to Liu Dingshan. Liu Dingshan bowed slightly, solemnly received the order of the Tianbao Pavilion, not knowing what method to use to verify the authenticity of the gold medal, bent down gave it back to Zhang Ning." Just now I heard the salesperson say that Mr. Zhang wants to sell something, I don't know what it is? " Liu Dingshan asked. Zhang Ning smiled slightly and took out a space bag from Wanbaofan. Handed the Qiankun bag to Liu Dingshan, saying: "Just what is in here, Deacon Liu will give you an estimate ." Liu Dinh Son reached out to receive again, put the divine consciousness into the Qiankun bag and looked at it, his face immediately changed. Extremely surprised, he cried out: "Qing Long King, Yumian Fox King ?” No wonder Liu Dingshan lost his temper. Although Tianbao Pavilion has a big family and a great business, Liu Dingshan is not worthy of its share after all. He was born in the world of Fengyue , even though he is a Newborn Soul. In terms of strength, it is on par with Qinglong King and Yumian Fox King. But they are juniors. After all, demon kings like Qinglong King and Yumian Fox King are old very long lifespan, when they started cultivating in Liuding Mountain, they had heard the reputation of Qinglong King and Yumian Fox King respectively. He was not domineering like a green dragon, and cunning like a white fox. These two monsters are famous figures in Fengyue World. After Liu Dingshan became Yuanying and became the deacon of this store, he also did business with the Azure Dragon King and the Jade-faced Fox King, especially the Fox King jade face, who had been active in the Raksha Sea. Liu Dingshan also knew that the Yumian Fox King had previously been injured in a battle with others, but he did not expect that it would turn out like this in the end. However, compared to the deaths of Qinglong King and Yumian Fox King, what surprised Liu Dingshan more was that these two people died in this way, their bodies were still alive, and so were their souls. As long as the demon soul flies back to the body, it can operate using kinetic energy. But the body and the demon soul are separated, the demon soul has lost its reason. Ignoring the fact that the jade-faced fox king was seriously injured, King Qinglong's body exuded an extremely powerful demonic aura, which discouraged him. But it also ends like this. Meaning, during the Azure Dragon King's heyday, he was drained of his demonic soul, and then wiped out his sanity. How is that possible? Even the spirit-ejecting chains of the theocracy cannot do such a thing. At least the city gods in this world cannot do such a thing. And how did Mr. Zhang in front of him, the man holding the token of Tianbao Pavilion, do it? Liu Dingshan's heart rose with a violent wave, causing him to almost lose his mind. But after the storm calmed down, he couldn't help but sigh with emotion, it was true. Only such a mysterious origin can be worthy of the gold medal of Tianbao Pavilion. The scary thing about Mr. Zhang is not just the scary knife on his belt. There are even more powerful forces supporting him. Although his current cultivation is low, it is definitely worth the investment. Taking a deep breath, Liu Dingshan asked in a low voice: "I wonder how Mr. Zhang plans to sell it?" went to Tianbao Pavilion to sell it, but he didn't think about it. How to sell. "Sell one to my Thien Bao Booth. If Mr. Zhang is holding the gold medal of my Tian Bao Booth, my Tian Bao Booth will naturally buy the things in this cosmic bag at a very high price." The remaining one will be auctioned in the auction house opened by my Tianbao Pavilion. The highest bidder will get it. I tend to auction it, and the treasures in it will make Luochahai, and even the entire Fengyue world went crazy. Because Qinglong King and Jadeface Fox King are Still alive, but they have lost their sanity. You can use The value will be huge. Interested people can Get the bodies of these two monsters at any cost." Liu Dingshan leaned down and said, his eyes flashing with fanaticism. After all, they are people from Tianbao Pavilion who are extremely enthusiastic about business matters. “Then let's auction it off.” Truong Ninh nodded, then asked: "Can you pay with Thien Bao points?" There is no currency in heaven, most monks' transactions are barter. However, Tianbao Pavilion relies on age-old signs and gold letters to issue currency. This currency is Tianbao points. Transactions at Tianbao Pavilion are using Tianbao Points. But generally no one will save Tianbao points, just like Chen Dalu's father and daughter, Chen Dalu first prepares some Tiancaidibao, hoards goods, first asks the price of Shenmen Pill, and then takes the treasure out, convert it into Tianbao points, and buy Shenmen Pill. For monks, the most important thing is the treasure that can be used at any time, not the Heavenly Treasure points granted by the Heavenly Treasures. In general, although Tianbao points are a currency, its biggest role is to measure the value of goods. However, there are also some people who will store Tianbao points. Because there are Thien Bao Pavilions in the heavens, using Thien Bao Points is also extremely convenient. "The Thien Bao points decide, once the auction ends, the Thien Bao points can be recorded in Mr. Truong's token." Liu Dingshan nodded and said. "Okay. Mr. Mr. will handle this matter. I'll just wait for the news." Chahai is for Master Zhishang of Baiyun Nunnery. She went to Luochahai three years ago and has no news. Can Mr. Liu send someone to investigate? " Liu Dingshan was a little strange when he heard these words, this Mr. Zhang is also not a monk Ah, how do you have a relationship with a Buddhist nun? But forget it, no need to dig deeper, it's also takes little effort. Tianbao Pavilion has great prestige and influence in Luochahai. “Okay.” Liu Dingshan happily agreed. Liu Dingshan then personally invited Zhang Ning to live in a courtyard behind Tianbao Pavilion, and then immediately set out to find Master Zhishang and spread the news. And after the news about someone appeared in Tianbao Pavilion with the gold medal in Tianbao Pavilion spread, the news of the death of Qinglong King and Yumian Fox King also spread. The physical body and demon soul were separated, but they were still alive, but they also have their minds wiped. With the existence of two such demon kings, there are too many places that can be used. For example, to create an avatar outside of the body, you only need to pay one number of prices to drive two evil kings. The benefits are unimaginable. After the news spread, the entire Rakshasa Sea, then the entire Feng Yue World boiled, after receiving the news, Countless people flocked to La Cha Hai. It was like a shark smelling blood, and they all went crazy. Not to mention how the Fengyue world would boil over in the future, but Chen Dalu and his daughter he. Although father and son have extraordinary backgrounds, before the Tianbao Pavilion gold medal, they were like roosters and had gained knowledge. But in the end, they are father and son with identities and backgrounds, and after being shaken, they return to normal. The same thing happened with the guests in the hall. After all, Tianbao Pavilion's business scope is very high-end, and the visitors to Tianbao Pavilion either have a background or exist in the Golden Core Realm, and are not ordinary passersby. But when they thought of the young man holding the gold medal of Tianbao Pavilion, the guests couldn't help but feel a little discouraged. Even if we are not ordinary passersby, we are still passersby. Why. It is true that people cannot compare, one mountain is higher than the other. Generally, a shake of the head will jolt you and bring you back to the present moment. The purpose of Chen Dalu and his son is Shenmen Pill, which can increase the chance of entering the Jindan realm. Swallow a mouthful of golden immortality, my destiny is up to me. Chen Dalu took his daughter and the sales staff to the specially prepared room. After learning about the price of Shenmen Pill, Chen Dalu took out all kinds of treasures he brought, and after the staff The store clerk counted again, according to Tianbao's price. At the time of settlement, Chen Dalu exchanged it for a Shenmen Pill. Holding the Shenmen pill in his hand, Chen Dalu was both happy and heartbroken. Although the transaction with Tianbao Pavilion is settled with Tianbao Points, it is actually an exchange. But Chen Dalu dared to use his small dick as a guarantee, the goods he offered far exceeded the value of Shenmen Pill. The loss can even exceed 50%. It really is a store bully. Although Tianbao Pavilion is full of all kinds of goods, even this kind of Shenmen pill, the more precious it is, the higher its value. Even normal things are more expensive than other stores. Really desperate for blood. But there's nothing to do. Chen Dalu held the Shenmen Pellet in his hand, but he was extremely eager to get the token of Tianbao Pavilion. With tokens, Tianbao Pavilion can save a lot of health in this life. Chen Dalu was heartbroken, but his daughter Chen Hongye was only excited. With the help of Than Mon Dan, plus her deep foundation, defeating Kim Dan is not difficult. Girl, I will also step into Jindan. The father and daughter had their own moods and planned to leave this special room, exit the Raksha sea, and return to the Longmen Sect. After all, Chen Hongye couldn't be allowed to break through to the Golden Core in Luocha Sea, right? At this time, the female secretary stopped Tran Dai Luc and his daughter and said: "The deacon just sent out a message. I believe you two may be very interested." . This is Tianbaoge thinking about the goods in his Qiankun bag. "The Jade Faced Fox King, the Blue Dragon King's entire body, body, demon soul, but the mind have all been wiped out." The female store employee said, even her face was extremely scared. "What!!!!" Chen Dalu, Chen Hongye and his daughter all shouted loudly regardless of their appearance. Whether it was Yuanying, Jindan or Danye, everyone was shocked to hear this news.

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    Downstream of the falls, Qingxi meanders, extending for an unknown distance. On the banks of the Qingxi River there is a lush green bamboo forest, giving off cool shade.

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    The so-called Tianbao token is a white token with square shapes, rounded corners and large yellow characters written on it. "Thien Bao". This is not an ordinary token, but a token with terrifying power. Zhang Ning felt the terrifying power within without even touching the token. Needless to say, this is probably true. But Zhang Ning did not suspect the identity of Zhang Chunnian in Tianbao Pavilion, but the knife, which could not be borrowed. So Zhang Ning did not take over Tianbao Pavilion, saying: "My family's treasure sword is very dangerous. If you keep it, you must be a slave to the sword. It's not that you don't want to borrow it, but You can't borrow it." Truong Ninh did not lie, this divine sword contains great power and terrifying power. But without a master, it will be suppressed by the world. While in the small world, it can control Dao Sheng Ning Xin. When it comes to this world, it can control the entire newborn Soul Realm. But Zhang Chunnian was only in the "spirit embryo realm", one hundred people came, ninety-nine died, the remaining one was a miracle. Zhang Ning did not want to kill Zhang Chunnian. Zhang Chunnian was stunned when he saw this, then looked at Zhang Ning seriously, seeing that Zhang Ning's expression was not fake, he knew that this knife was really dangerous. But Zhang Chunnian was very curious about the power of this knife. Therefore, he took back the Thien Bao token, clasped his hands and prayed again: "Brother, you can rest assured, my soul has been stable since childhood, my temper is tough, there are treasures to protect my soul. , so I will not be easily manipulated by the demon sword to become a sword slave." Zhang Ning smiled, shook his head and remained silent. Perhaps the origin of Tianbao Pavilion is truly extraordinary, Zhang Chunnian has treasures to rely on, but his sword is really better than less touched. Seeing this, Zhang Chunnian frowned slightly, but he didn't say much. The Tianbaoge Zhang family is not a domineering family, and Zhang Chunnian can see that Zhang Ning is really out of kindness, not out of stinginess. Although Zhang Chunnian is a junior at Tianbao Pavilion, he grew up in such a family, has been exposed to all kinds of people since childhood, and has a very high ability to distinguish right from wrong. “If that's the case, I won't read it either.” Truong Xuan Nien smiled happily, then took out a token from Can Khon's pocket and gave it to Truong Ninh, saying: "This is my family's brand, not a good thing. It's just that brothers, if you encounter any problems in the future, you can go to Thien Bao Pavilion to find help." The mark is yellow with black letters, the appearance is the same as Thien Bao Token. Zhang Ning is not is a bad person, Zhang Chunnian is not a bad person. According to his position and status, if he was narrow-minded, he would have had an argument just now. The person is not bad. So Zhang Ning nodded and gestured with his hand. "Brother, see you soon." Zhang Chunnian clasped his hands with Zhang Ning, greeted his companions, and left. But in this true demon world, just go to the big hole hey, there's no need to wait for the pure sun flower to bloom before you can leave. Just keep one of the thirty-six bamboo cards. But only Zhang Chunnian and his group are left, because for many people, watching the This competition is the benefit of going to the real ghost world. You must see the competition before you leave. Zhang Ning looked at the gold medal in his hand, intending to put the gold medal in Wanbaofan, for Zhang Ning, the next It was right to accept Zhang Chunnian's kindness. But he doesn't care much about the gold medal. “Cousin, let me take a look.” Yen Tu Van probed his head, revealing an expectant look. Zhang Ning did not care and awarded the gold medal to Yan Ziyun. Yen Tu Van looked and looked but didn't see anything special, so she muttered. “What the hell is this?” “Tu Van, stop talking nonsense.” Ly Mau Don looked very serious, then took the gold medal from Nhan Tu Van's hand, gave it back to Truong Ninh, saying: "Mr. Truong, please keep this token well. Tianbao Pavilion is not an idle force, and Tianbao Pavilion has always had a tradition of distributing four tokens of gold, silver, copper and iron. As long as everyone comes to Tianbao Pavilion with a gold medal, Tianbao Pavilion will be protected. Even if they meet a fairy, the Thien Bao Pavilion can still dare to protect it. People in the world cannot claim the Thien Bao Pavilion's orders, it's the newborn Soul Realm, if you want an iron command card, you can't ask for it. Let alone the gold medal." mouse??? My mother was a little skeptical." Yan Ziyun was startled. After jumping up, he muttered. Truong Ninh also frowned, a bit surprised, but he didn't pay attention. Then put the gold medal into Wanbaofan. At this time, Zhang Ning also noticed the eyes of the people around him. All eyes were filled with surprise and jealousy. And it's extreme. Even Li Xiukong was like that for a while. As Li Mudan said, this token is truly something to behold. And Zhang Chunnian was able to send such a thing, so his status was very important. Although there are not many people in the Zhang family of Tianbao Pavilion, there are still some people. Young people in every family cannot have such tokens. The normal core Zhang family children probably don't have such signs either. Zhang Nian's origins are extremely unusual. Not to mention this token, just to say that getting to know someone like Zhang Chunnian could be a lifetime benefit. No wonder these people are shocked, envious and jealous. Without Tianbao Pavilion recognizing both gold medals and people. Because the gold medal was awarded to Zhang Ning, Baoge only recognized Zhang Ning that day. I was afraid that many people present would be jealous and want to grab it. There is a saying that money can turn into demons. If the price is paid to a certain level, even Taoists or Buddhists can be filled with demons and demons, and have to kill them. But at this moment, many people can only be secretly jealous, what a lucky guy. But it is said that there are thousands of horses in the world and horses often exist, but Bole does not often have them. In fact, people like Zhang Ning, although they seem ordinary, no different from the sand and stones in the river, but they are always unique. It is difficult for ordinary people to feel Zhang Ning's uniqueness, so he looks like an ordinary person. Although Li Xiukong wanted to befriend Zhang Ning once or twice, it was because Zhang Ning was an acquaintance of Li Yuanba, a disciple of Master Fakong of the Vajra Academy in Taolin Temple. Although the person is not bad, the mind is impure. Simply put, people are not bad, and if they don't have bad thoughts, there will be no trouble in the future. As for Mo Heiyu, he got close to Zhang Ning because he was good at sneaking around, so he was very sinister. You must know that Truong Ninh is not a bad person, moreover because Truong Ninh helped scare Aoki. It wasn't because he saw Truong Ninh as unusual. But after all, the two of them have become acquainted with Truong Ninh. Needless to say, it will be beneficial, but at least there will be no disadvantages. Don't you see, after the Sitting Tiger incident, how many students went to the territory of the Tianyuan Kingdom, looking for the whereabouts of King Chu Jiang. It is impossible to hope for such a small destiny. Zhang Chunnian of Tianbao Pavilion saw something different about Zhang Ning. And he gave Zhang Ning a token, naturally he wanted to make friends. But on the other hand, the world is impermanent, and who benefits is unknown. That's why Yan Ziyun sighed emotionally, whether it was a blind cat meeting a dead mouse, or a unique vision. Yan Ziyun initially wanted to restore his cousin's status and called Zhang Ning his cousin. It turns out that this cousin is very difficult to fathom, perhaps he is like the main character in the legend. Although he is a bit brazen, the old lady is his blood, so he will always take care of the old lady, right? But even though Yan Ziyun is a crazy woman, she is also a smart and thoughtful crazy woman. Moreover, there are more than thirty current forces, their backgrounds are not ordinary, even that dead-faced monk is the same. But he was just jealous that Zhang Ning received Zhang Chunnian's command token from Tianbao Pavilion, but he didn't think why Zhang Chunnian gave the command token to Zhang Ning. That is the vulgar generation, that is Yu Zilulu. But he says the gold medal is truly an extraordinary treasure. The atmosphere at the scene suddenly became strange, and it lasted for a long time. Not long after, the sixteen victors fought one-on-one. At this time, some people who had tasted the taste realized that they wanted to get to know Zhang Ning. But it's not because Zhang Ning is extraordinary, but because of the command card of Tianbao Pavilion, with that command card, Zhang Ning will receive the support of Tianbao Pavilion, and the future is truly limitless. So Truong Ninh also met many people, of course they all nodded in acquaintance. Zhang Ning is over forty years old, but there are very few people who can be friends with him, there is a reason for this. What's more, Zhang Ning, thanks to Zhang Chunnian's blessing in Tianbao Pavilion, changed from being gloomy to attracting attention. This was definitely not Zhang Ning's original wish. But he said, the competition was still going on, Ly Nguyen Ba was truly outstanding, not an ordinary person. He was like a tyrant, after every battle he improved greatly and won first place in this competition. According to the agreement, getting pure duong flower is a matter of course. And now these pure yang flowers belong, then this challenge of the real evil world is finally over. It seems normal, but for many people, it is a memorable trip. First of all, it is a rare experience to act on the body of a real demon, who can become a real demon when Buddha, Taoist, Yan Jun and the Great Sage of Ma Thien become religion. It's also a good adventure to feed monsters in endless magical energy. Finally, a Pure Yang flower was born in the demon's head. Although many people cannot get this Pure Yang flower, watching it or competing on the field is a rare experience to increase experience points. Everyone is very satisfied with this trial. So after the competition ended, many people wanted to know Ly Nguyen Ba first. Li Yuanba is quite outspoken and talkative, and he is also a Buddhist monk. Buddhism is not without Xiaoxiao, but most monks are very virtuous and have good reputations. A monk can easily gain the favor of others. Ly Nguyen Ba showed off his strength again, naturally someone wanted to make friends. This is different from Zhang Ning, Zhang Ning was honored by Zhang Chunnian in Baoge that day, while Li Yuanba relied on his own ability to convince people. And Ly Nguyen Ba is also very good at making friends, so he immediately made many friends. It is agreed that if a person travels to heaven, he will visit them one by one. After that, except for Li Yuanba and his group, all the forces left the Demon Realm like Zhang Chunnian. I'm done playing, and I'm done watching. I also got to know people like Li Yuanba and Zhang Ning, so the rest was of course saying goodbye. Some of these people may, like their predecessors, leave some notes and write some interesting stories. Maybe after thousands of years, someone will pick up these notes and look at them, and they will be interested in knowing Li Yuanba. Because for cultivators, a thousand years is not a luxury, but normal. For a genius like Ly Nguyen Ba, being able to live a thousand years is the minimum. All in all, leave. Tiandingzong's sisters also broke up with Zhang Ning. It was said that if he had the chance in the future, he would visit Zhang Ning and thank him for saving his life. If Zhang Ning is free, go to their sect to gather. Truong Ninh agreed. Before leaving, Yan Ziyun pulled Zhang Ning's sleeve and shouted. "Cousin, cousin, don't forget my dear cousin in heaven. We are blood relatives, I am just your brother, and you are my sister." Yuanguang, who did not pass, was beaten, and she was dragged away in agony. This crazy woman is really crazy. In the end, only Zhang Ning and his group remained in the Food Demon Realm, nearly a hundred people who happened to come here from Fengyue World, the Yongningjiang Old Dragon King's 3,000 year birthday party. There are more than forty Water tribes, more than twenty Luxing Yao tribes, and more than twenty human tribes. Suddenly it became much quieter. Ly Nguyen Ba glanced at Mac Hac Ngoc sitting in Truong Ninh's chest, then raised his head to look at Truong Ninh and said: "Truong Ninh, go get that pure yang flower." I know, I don't need this kind of flower. With your help, my destiny is extraordinary, but this flower is my brother's wish." Ly Nguyen Ba clasped his hands and said in a deep voice. Although Ly Nguyen Ba came from a luxurious family, he encountered all kinds of things. people, have deceived each other since childhood, but his heart is pure, he has never lied. He said one is one. Although these pure yang flowers help him a lot. Buddha comes from Yang and not from Yang. Yang. This pure yang flower is born from the head of a demon cultivator like a saint demon, and will be of great help to Buddhist cultivators. But he wants to give it to his sister. “Okay.” Truong Ninh nodded. There is still a lot of waiting, these pure sun flowers will soon mature. After about twenty-four hours, the pure sun flowers will truly bloom. There are six petals. outside and three petals inside. The pure yang flower is in full bloom, a particularly strong yang energy fills the air, truly surprising people. This flower is truly unusual. If you keep it as a own, it will definitely fly into the sky. Among the more than ninety people present, most showed greed and desire. The road to longevity is not easy, if given the opportunity, most people will not let it go. People like Ly Nguyen Ba want to give these pure duong flowers to his sisters, not saying they are rare, but really rare. But some people can endure their greed. , and some don't. At this moment, the ban that protects the pure yang flower has opened. More intense yang energy radiates out, and the air seems to be filled with sweetness, making everyone swallow their saliva. This is an illusion, because pure poplar flowers have no fragrance. This further stimulated people's greed. Facing the surrounding eyes, Zhang Ning still calmly walked forward as usual.

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    The blue sky falls, the golden stream gently sinks, the domineering soulmate turns into an abandoned tomb;

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    Ling Langya smiled and said: "Hu Xu? You don't have a long beard, and you have a lot of knowledge."

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    “Ooh!” With just one sound, the moonlight of the blue brick and stone pillar became more and more intense, and the cold black iron light of the chain rippled, as if the defense line was reinforced.

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    In the forbidden area where no one can pass, in the deep bones the sound of the night rain cries, in the deserted temple, the lights are off, young and old, drinking and telling stories.

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    The dirty beggar waved his hand and said: "The old beggar can't beat those strange monsters, not to mention he still loves mortals. However, we have come all the way to the cruel taboo place, and we can't. Have never seen such a powerful beast, could it be that you scared them away?"

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    Long ago, the storyteller commented on the heroic deeds in the Jinlun hall, gaining favor with the emperor and generals; I joked about the joys of the wind, flowers, snow, and moon, and made all the beings in the world laugh a few times.

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    However, the narrator searched for twenty-six years, traveled many roads, met many people, and heard many stories, but he found no secrets.

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    The narrator cautiously rounded the pile of bones and reached the gate of the deserted temple. After taking a deep breath, he pushed open the gate of the ruined temple.

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    The knife and light went wrong, and screams suddenly broke out.

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    Not to mention the tails behind him, Truong Ninh actually didn't care, he didn't care, he still cared more about his stupid cow. According to the aquarium of the Yongning River, Niu Er went east down the river to the sea. This stupid cow doesn't know what's going on. Isn't he talking about finding Dai Giang to practice? Why do you go to the beach? Is this Vinh Ninh River too small? Obviously Vinh Ninh River is very big, very big. Among other things, the family of the old Dragon King lived in the Yongning River, and there were thousands of aquariums in the river. Zhang Ning shook his head, feeling confused by his cow's behavior. Vinh Ninh River is thousands of miles long, but it takes Truong Ninh a long time to go downstream. Finally, on this day, I stood on the river mouth. On a rock by the shore, Zhang Ning dressed in white and looked out to sea, where the ocean water and the water of the Yongning River met, but they were clearly separated. Vinh Ninh river water is clear but sea water is very turbid. The sea breeze blows, the smell of fish is very strong. There are so many big ships sailing down the river, heading out to the vast ocean. The sea is vast, humans are rare, demons are ferocious, but as the saying goes, people die for wealth, birds die for food, the sea also contains many opportunities. There are ten or a hundred times more treasures in the sea than on land. Some powerful forces have opened many safe routes through different means. Zhang Ning stood on the rock and observed for a while, then continued east. He was actually waiting, waiting for the blue dragon to make a move. But don't know why. On the way, the blue dragon did not move at all. Is it because they are still in the Vinh Ninh Ha area, taking into account the influence of the old Dragon King? Zhang Ning decided to set sail, but Niu Er couldn't find Niu Er in the vast sea for a while, so first find a remote place and deal with Qinglong first. I don't know how much the blue dragon is worth? In the small world, Zhang Ning is not short of money and he does not care about money. But now that they are dragging their families on the road to longevity, they are a little worried about money or “value.” Zhang Ning still couldn't fly and he didn't plan to use Wanbaofan, so as not to scare Qinglong, so he used his real energy to perform gentle kung fu and hurriedly set off. Although he used deadly gentle skills, most of his stamina was improved by the effects of his true nature. Truong Ninh's speed is extremely fast, only afterimages can be seen. Zhang Ning was thousands of miles a day faster than a mortal horse, and he drove five thousand miles in a day and night. Currently, the sun is facing west and the warm wind is very refreshing. The sea is calm, occasionally a flock of seagulls fly by. On the vast sea surface, there is a very strange rock, like a cow lying, with a weathered surface and no vegetation. Truong Ninh walked to this rock, then placed the two knives at his side on the rock, sat down on his butt, then lay down, put his hands behind his head, bewilderedly looking at the sky. “Is this being massacred?” Along the way, the tyrants were stunned for a moment, then turned their attention to each other. This group of people are all very powerful monsters, including Tiger King, Eagle King, Old Dragon King, Azure Dragon King and three old dragons, following them all the way. When they resorted to trickery, they hid it well for a while and after they made their move, everyone basically knew who was who. The old dragon king turned into clouds to fool the tiger king, but the eagle king could not fool the green dragon king and the three old dragons. Qinglong transformed into a carp demon. I worked hard to get here. This is exposed. I'm following Zhang Ning. Everyone knew each other's existence, but they were a little jealous, so no one was the first to do it. After arriving here, Zhang Ning suddenly stopped. Posing as if being butchered. This made everyone hesitate, and something seemed wrong. Isn't this guy looking for cattle? Why does it seem like you found a remote place to kill and set on fire? Although there is no large monster here with the ability to seek good luck and avoid evil inherited from the old Dragon King family, such a large monster still has some abilities and feels capable something is wrong. But in the end, someone has to do it. It didn't matter whether it was the knife or Zhang Ning herself. The first person to do that was of course the Azure Dragon King. His son was killed by Truong Ninh, how could he not avenge his son's killer? The Azure Dragon King appears. A large green carp jumped out of the sea, its blue scales sparkling in the sunlight. After leaving the sea, the carp transformed into the shape of the Blue Dragon King. With a square face and round eyes, and a strong physique, the strong man wearing a blue shirt looks very fierce. It is said that the dragon king must be noble, the old dragon king has a good temper, but compared to the old dragon king, this person is a mountain bandit. After the Blue Dragon King appeared, he glanced fearfully at the old Dragon King in the clouds, but in the end, hatred prevailed. He prepares for action. Truong Ninh sat up, smiled and asked: "Thanh Long, I want to ask you a question." "How much is your whole body worth?" Truong Ninh asked. “Looking for death!!!” Just saying a few words, Thanh Long Vuong was so angry that he almost flew into the sky. He only saw blue light passing by. The next moment, Thanh Long Vuong appeared in front of him. Truong Ninh. Qinglong probed its claws. Qinglong King naturally knew Zhang Ning had a powerful knife, but he was Qinglong, one of the top existences in the world, confident in his strength, and could easily crush Zhang Ning, a fly. As the saying goes, "speed is power". "Wow!!!" A dragon's roar rang out, the old dragon king also started, the green dragon's speed was extremely fast, but the old dragon king had no intention of competing with the green dragon. The Old Dragon King's monster element is contained on the wall, extremely powerful. Giao Long is good at moving clouds and sowing rain. On this sea, the old dragon king has too many tricks. Of course, Azure Dragon King isn't bad either. But Zhang Ning didn't give Qinglong King a chance to show off his abilities, so Zhang Ning opened his mouth. Before that, Zhang Ning thought about how to preserve the body of a blue dragon. Before beheading Sitting Tiger, he did not control his strength well, the opponent only had one internal pill left. Now it's time to do some calculations. But think carefully, if you use the Earth Magic Array, it will be difficult for your whole body to leave. Unless Thanh Long does not resist, can Thanh Long not resist? But Zhang Ning remembered that he, the king of Chujiang, still had the chain of bliss. Raping the soul, separating the soul from the body, isn't it possible to have the complete body of a green dragon? Also, Thanh Long King wanted to die. If he immediately ran away, Truong Ninh wouldn't be able to do anything to him. Surely Zhang Ning didn't know much. But the Azure Dragon King happened to be the first to advance, and the distance was too close. If it doesn't die, then who will? Truong Ninh opened his mouth and spit out a golden chain, turned into countless small chains, and entered the dragon head of Thanh Long King. The Blue Dragon King stopped in front of Zhang Ning as if he had been frozen. At the same time, Azure Dragon King could no longer control his Yaoyuan. It turned into a hornless blue jellyfish more than a hundred meters long, motionless, as if dead. Even though the Azure Dragon King was motionless, the dragon aura he emitted still scared the hell out of many of the sailors present. For a moment, countless fish in the sea turned their bellies up, and seagulls in the sky also fell from the sky. Zhang Ning frowned, because the Azure Dragon King's soul had not yet been extracted, and the two sides were struggling. An average world is different from a small world. If you use too much power in the small world, you will be punished by thunder. But Middle World is different. Here you can only exert power up to the level of the Newborn Soul, and if you cannot exert power beyond that, the world will suppress it. There will be no thunder and no punishment. Truong Ninh's soul's infinite magic power is basically impossible to use. If he forcibly increases his power, it will definitely destroy the world. But it's okay. Tens of millions of incarnations. The three rays of light on Truong Ninh's forehead instantly disappeared, then turned into three clones. Their clothes, appearance, and temperament were all similar to Truong Ninh's, only the soul had no body. Truong Ninh three people stood in three directions, simultaneously casting a string of ecstasy, stabbing into the head of the large green dragon. Qinglong struggled for a while, fighting like a trapped animal. But the struggle lasted only a moment, and the chains of ecstasy eluded the soul, and they were supported by an endless source of mana. Not long after, Qinglong's soul was taken out. But the body, which was a hundred meters long, fell into the sea. When it fell into the sea, it did not sink and remained suspended on the water's surface. This dragon's body is still alive, as long as the soul returns, it can revive in the blink of an eye. Zhang Ning stretched out his hand, and the green flood dragon, hundreds of meters long, entered Wanbaofan. Then, the incarnation returned to his body, and Zhang Ning's body performed the trance sequence, capturing the Azure Dragon King's soul in front of him. Buddhism only cultivates relics, but Yaozu only cultivates internal pills. The Azure Dragon King's soul is three feet long and is a miniature Jiao. But the soul is very powerful, radiating blue light, as if it were a body. "Who are you?" Thanh Long Vuong looked at Truong Ninh in horror. Of course, he realized that this was the Divine Sect's ecstasy chain. In fact, the Blue Dragon King was also a bold person who had taken certain actions against the Divine Sect. But he had never seen such a strong chain of ecstasy before. Even if the city gods of "Yuanying" in Shintoism wanted to pull out his soul, they still needed to seriously injure his body. But the person in front of him ripped out his soul. What is it like in its prime? ? ? ? ? Thanh Long Vuong's mind was confused. In his thousand-year life, he had never encountered such a strange thing. "Favor." Truong Ninh was about to speak. “So Giang Vuong!!!” A gust of wind blew through the air, and along with the sound of a hawk, an eagle instantly flew away. A few bird feathers also fell from the air. You can see how frightened the fleeing eagle was. You must know that the large demon beasts in Nguyen Anh Realm have extremely powerful physiques. Unless they lose their fur, they will not lose their fur easily. And the feathers of the great demon in Nguyen Anh Realm are also extremely precious documents for many people. Zhang Ning frowned slightly, but did not pick it up. Even though I wanted to make some money, I wasn't too hungry. Not only did the eagle escape, but also a wind sneaked away. The three seemingly normal sea monsters also slipped away. These people all opened their eyes wide to observe. When they heard Ung Vuong's voice, they immediately understood what was going on. Not long ago, King Chujiang killed the Tiger sitting in Tianyuan. If you don't slip away, are you waiting to die? The magic sword of the greedy King of Zhujiang, my damn brain was kicked by a donkey. You have to go far, and one can escape. But the opponent is King So Giang, can we escape? If I escape, I will cut off my hand and never rob again. This group of people secretly prayed that King So Giang would not come to chase me, but chase them away. Zhang Ning didn't like to show off. As long as he wasn't too close, he wouldn't be able to catch up with these people. After all, he only has mana and no supernatural powers. Tiger sits. Thanh Long Vuong. These two big monsters are too stupid. Zhang Ning looked up at the clouds, where the old Dragon King was hiding. He smiled and said: "The Dragon King hasn't come down yet?" The old Dragon King was confused in the air for a while. The old Dragon King just wanted to come. Although in this life he has never done anything wrong, nor has he ever harmed the holy path. But Zhang Ning easily separated the Qinglong King's soul from his body. At that moment, the old dragon king was like a furry cat, its scales standing up, wanting to run away. terrible. In any case, the old Dragon King also had a good feeling, he felt like he had a good relationship with this King of So Giang. So I held back and didn't run. At this time, he heard Truong Ninh calling, but the old Dragon King was alert. After a little adjustment, he transformed into a man dressed in black and landed in front of Zhang Ning. “Mac Senh met So Giang Vuong.” Old Dragon King clasped his hands with Truong Ninh, a hundred thousand times more polite. "Old Dragon King is polite, I and Black Jade brother are compatible, I will come here as before." Truong Ninh smiled and shook his head. Although Zhang Ning was already a great god of the divine religion, he was second only to King Chujiang of Yan Jun. But his real age is extremely young, and he matches Mo Heiyu's siblings very well. Cannot break the rules. “How can my little daughter be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with brother King So Giang?” Old Dragon King blurted out, then politely said: "It's not like that, Khuong Vuong, sit down and do something?" The old dragon king was looking forward to it. Zhang Ning was shocked when he heard those words. This old dragon really fell down, arrogant, domineering and righteous? ? ? ? ? Seeing Truong Ninh's expression, the old Dragon King blushed a little. But he still looked at Zhang Ning expectantly, because the temptation was too great. Heaven is a vast world. Although the old Dragon King was called the Dragon King in Fengyue World, he was actually just a black dragon. Dragon belongs to Giao. Let alone a dragon like him, even a real dragon is not separate. Mo Heiyu was placed in heaven, and it was just a little devil. And the person in front of him was a true god. Since ancient times, in Shintoism there have been four generals, and officials who judge small matters on behalf of Lord Yan. It was unprecedented for a new king of Zhujiang to rise above these leading powers. In the heart of the old Dragon King, Truong Ninh is only behind Buddha, Dao To, and Mac Thien Dai Thanh, but he has thick golden thighs that cannot be thicker. Not only the old dragon king thought like that, but there was also a bull walking ahead of him. For the old Dragon King, if he really couldn't stand being embarrassed, he was willing to be Truong Ninh's mount. Opportunity. opportunity. Regardless of whether you are a person, a lover, a lover, a Buddha, an existence like Truong Ninh is all a chance, a predestined fate. Otherwise, there wouldn't be so many people looking for King So Giang's whereabouts. Letting his own daughter be a mount for King Chu Giang is a big profit.

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    The voice echoed in the stone room, as if replying. The old man stood for a while, then sat directly on the ground, his back leaning against the jade coffin, closing his eyes and saying to himself: "I have arranged the funeral and will definitely fulfill the promise I made that year. If they are stubborn, I will not stand still, wondering in three directions, how can I be willing to bend my back."