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    The results of the investigation reassured her, because the behavior inside the ruins was similar to the previous times, so it could be concluded that the rat people were not dead but had just replaced something, and now she had come. . Arriving at the entire ruins Below, looking at how empty the coffin was, looking at the cat's paw prints inside and outside the entire ruins, she calmly nodded, thinking a few things in her heart, and decided to leave. this place. back again When I reached the cornfield, I carefully searched for tracks around the cornfield, and I found a cat's paw and walked towards the far side by ignoring the whole pile of rubble, because this place is uninhabited all year round, and there is a If there is a layer of floating soil, the traces of this type of cat's claw can be easily seen, so following the cat's tracks is no problem .

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    Vuong Han did not answer. His eyes were observing the entire front line situation. Others could not see it. It did not mean that he could not see it here. The entire front line's current appearance could be clear. His eyes were on a giant plane. This plane was a bit similar to the star port that Vuong Han saw in the Star Region Tinh Ha before. The star port is an object arranged on many stone planes, which This is also the right place, also made of many stone slabs, yes, these stones are crowded together, eventually forming such a flat ground, "But at this time, I don't see the wall The front line city that Lanning Xiaoxi mentioned before, and I want to go to this place, is there still a little distance from the front line city wall? Or is there a layer of blindness imposed near the front line city wall?"

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    So the true logic must be like this. Once a person has a life, his or her soul will begin to function. After the soul begins to function, many empty thought areas will arise. These areas of thought will gradually be transformed by memory into specific existences one after another, and eventually these specific existences are combined to form a person's thoughts, to To verify this issue, it is better for me to find the person who directly gave birth to the child, then directly observe some things in the child's soul, or from the very beginning of conception, we begin to observe some things in the child's soul. carefully observe the entire process of the soul. Vuong Han thought of Lan Ninh Tieu Hi and immediately gave himself the biggest slap.

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